Our Service

As your landlord, Viridis Real Estate understand that we are providing a service to you. We make a commitment to our tenants that we will:

  • Make you a clear offer on clear contractual terms, so you know what you are paying for
  • Deliver high quality customer service through engagement and receptiveness
  • Do everything we can to help you remove the inevitable hassles of occupying property
  • Help you negotiate the maze of workplace regulation if we can
  • Choose best-in-class property managers to manage our properties
  • Drive down ancillary costs such as service charges as far as we can whilst delivering proper service

Tenant Portal

As a tenant please select your building from the list on the right and login to a secure Tenant Management service.

Access building specific contact information, Service Charge & Insurance information, full Tenant documentation and contracts. All available to you 24/7.